The Jase Diver Planners.

Here are my attempts at writing dive planning software using excel.
These programs are free to download and use. I cannot guarantee that they are bug free so I do not recommend that they are used to plan dives on their own. But then what would you expect for nothing? If you do find a problem with any of this software then please let me know and I will fix it.

IANTD Advanced Nitrox planner. This is a dive planner for the IANTD advanced Nitrox level of diving.
Dives can be planed using EAN50% as a deco mix and will calculate air consumption as well as CNS and UPTD levels.
This program contains macros. Disabling macros will still allow the program to function but none of the buttons will work.

The screen shot above shows the dive planner screen, 3 repetitive dives can be planned (more using the transfer option) for each dive you can set: depth, time, mix and surface interval. The planner will calculate any stops, your max PPO2, total CNS and UPTD loading for dives and stops. If the tank size, starting pressure and SAC is entered then the planner will calculate gas used and display remaining gas in bar and as a percentage.

In the dive profiler screen, 3 repetitive dives can be planned easily and quickly.

At any point the current dive can be transferred to the tech dive planner.
The tech dive planner will give an easy to read graphic profile of the dive including stops and also plan contingency dives of 3m deeper, 5 minutes longer and 3m + 5 minutes longer using EAN50% as a deco gas or the main gas.

Download IANTD adv Nitrox Planner 687kb

PADI Dive Planner

This is a 3 dive repetitive dive planner based on the PADI RDP. This planner will plan a 3 dive repetitive series and warn if the diver needs to do a safety stops and minimum surface interval.

Download PADI dive planner 672kb

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